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Night Duke

Night Duke
No tool design makes the installation more convenient;
High-quality material, whole black body;
The front panel is steel mesh with dustproof configuration, which can ventilate for the chassis and keep out the dust;
USB3.0 and e_SATA double data interfaces, guarantee that mass data can be quickly completed;
TAC2.0 cooling structure supports the latest Intel i7 CPU;
Low noise 12 cm blue LED fan;
Supports water cooled radiator.



Model: H403
Main Board: Micro ATX / ATX
Color: silver black
Panel Interface: USB2.0 x 2 / Audio / e-SATA / USB 3.0
Material: 0.6mm
Cooling Fan: front panel LED fan, 120mm
Dimension: 475 x 190 x 450mm (LxWxH)
Driving position: 5.25〞x 4 3.5〞x 7
Expansion slots: 7



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